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Put simply, sciatica is nerve pain in one or both of the legs. More specifically, sciatica is the term given to pain caused when one of the spinal nerves which are responsible for sensation in the legs is compressed. Compressed spinal nerves may have several different root causes, including: herniated (slipped) disks, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or Piriformis syndrome. Since the causes can vary widely in seriousness, thorough medical consultation is advised to avoid misdiagnosis. It is crucial to discover the root cause of the nerve compression, since spinal nerves do not regenerate if sufficiently traumatized.  The Kraus Back and Neck Institute in Houston, TX treats a very large number of patients suffering from sciatica, low back pain, leg pain, neck pain and upper extremity pain.  Sciatica can be very effectively treated.

Normally, a complete physical exam will be enough to accurately diagnose sciatica. If a physician suspects alternate causes for nerve compression—such as a possible spinal fracture—imaging tests may be authorized. These can include X-rays to observe the integrity of the vertebrae, as well as magnetic resonance imaging tests to build images of the spine and surrounding tissues. Based on the results of the exam and the battery of imaging tests, physicians can formulate a diagnosis based on the severity of the compressed nerve.

Once sciatica has been diagnosed, there are several different possible courses of treatment depending on the severity of the nerve compression. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen can help to reduce swelling around the damaged nerves. Once swelling decreases, patients often report less pain and increases in mobility. Muscle relaxants also aid in swelling reduction. As for physical therapy, a licensed medical professional can match a regimen to each patient’s specific injury. Stretching, walking, and rest may be employed to ensure that swelling decreases. It is vital that patients keep up with their exercises to reduce recurrence of nerve compression. Healthy dieting and weight management are also effective means to prevent sciatica.

In rare cases, more serious measures may need to be taken. Surgery, spinal injections (most often a cortisone anti-inflammatory), and other spinal procedures may be considered as needed. If patients are not responding well to traditional physical therapy, consider seeking a specialist for further treatment.

For more information, follow up with the Kraus Back and Neck Institute in Houston TX, experts in treating sciatica for patients in the Houston and surrounding areas, as well as across the United States.

sciatica treatment at the Kraus Back and Neck Institute, Houston TX

sciatica houston texas low back pain herniated disc

sciatica houston texas low back pain herniated disc

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