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Spinal Acupuncture (Houston, Woodlands, Sugarland, Katy, Humble, Kingwood)

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       Spinal Acupuncture



acupuncture houston low back pain neck pain, sciatica, katy, woodlands, river oaks, memorial city

acupuncture houston low back pain neck pain, sciatica, katy, woodlands, river oaks, memorial city

While spinal acupuncture is not a typical option for treating neck and back pain, there are many patients who will testify to its beneficial effects. While the end results can vary widely depending on the severity of the patient’s back pain, Western physicians generally agree that spinal acupuncture is capable of stimulating a patient’s central nervous system. Patients may experience low back pain, neck pain, herniated dics, spinal stenosis, as well as sciatica.  They may have suffered injury to the spine.  A series of FDA-approved needles—different gauges are used at the physician’s discretion—are inserted to varying depths and at varying locations depending on the patient’s condition. The needles are extremely thin, usually around twenty times thinner than most hypodermic needles used in typical procedures. Many patients may not consider spinal acupuncture due to a fear of these needles, but acupuncture needles are also solid, which means that they do not remove tissue, whereas a hypodermic needle does. A thin, solid acupuncture needle, then, typically causes less pain than a hypodermic needle of equivalent size.

At the Kraus Back and Neck Institute, Dr. Kraus and Dr. Oishi are extremely experienced at treating spinal injuries with conservative as well as surgical measures.  There is a significant role for many types of conservative treatments, including the role of acupuncture in the treatment of spinal disorders and pain.  The Kraus Back and Neck Institute treats patients from Houston and the surrounding areas, including Tomball, Katy, Memorial City, Spring, the Woodlands, Humble, Atascocita, Conroe, Kingwood, Galleria, the inner loop area, River Oaks, Sugar Land, Pearland, Galveston, Beaumont and Port Arthur,  and other cities in Texas including Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth and San Antonio.

Spinal acupuncture patients most often report tingling sensations around the spine, an increase in sensation that can be the result of increased blood flow. This blood flow can offer relief for patients diagnosed with hypomobility (low mobility) of the spinal joints, as it brings oxygen and nutrition to the affected areas, especially when employed in conjunction with a regimen of physical therapy. It should also be noted that spinal acupuncture seems to be at least partially dependent on patient psychology—meaning that its effectiveness may be increased (or decreased) by the way the patient chooses to engage mentally with the treatment.

In some medical circles, acupuncture is also thought to stimulate the release of endorphins, which are the body’s naturally manufactured means of reducing pain. Though it may be tempting for patients to rely solely on the endorphins released during acupuncture sessions, other medical consultation is strongly advised. A regimen of physical therapy, healthy dieting, and proper weight management can all do their part in reducing low back pain over the long term.

For more information about conservative care of the spine, for the treatment of low back pain, neck pain, herniated disc in the low back or neck, sciatics, degenerative disc disease as well as spinal stenosis and spondylolisthesis, contact the Kraus Back and Neck Institute, in Houston TX.  Call 281-713-6296 to schedule an appointment.

The Kraus Back and Neck Institute treats patients from Houston and the surrounding areas of the Woodlands, Spring, Kingwood, Sugarland and Humble.  They also treat patients from Austin, Dallas, Ft Worth and San Antonio, among other cities in Texas.  They see patients who have not had any imaging studies, and will order the appropriate testing.

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