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Sex with Back Pain can be painful and cause additional stress and frustrations in an otherwise healthy relationship. Consult spine specialist Dr. Gary Kraus at the KBNI for diagnosis and treatment options.

Each day millions of Americans suffer from back pain caused by muscle strain, sciatica, herniated disc, traumatic fracture, bone spurs, spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, or other forms of spinal pathology. Depending on the severity of the pain, most people will make physical and behavioral adjustments to their lifestyle in an effort to achieve some level of comfort or relief. One of the first aspects of daily living to be affected by back pain is that of intimacy. While headaches, exhaustion, or stress often interfere with sexual relationships, back pain can be equally incapacitating, affecting one’s feelings of self-worth and causing additional stress in relationships.

For most people, sex is the most important part of intimacy. A recent survey found that 56 percent of those with severe back pain would voluntarily discontinue sexual relations if it resulted in an end to their back pain. The same study revealed that 46 percent of the respondents had chosen to discontinue all sexual activity, while others in the survey had sex less often or had less satisfying sex when it did occur.

This problem affects both men and women of all ages and it is important to recognize and address the problem when it first arises. Left unaddressed, the back pain can negatively affect a previously healthy sex life, and frustrations and bigger problems are likely to arise in the relationship.

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